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legal education and research project. >> it will not bring any protection to sex traffick victims. it's not based on any evidence that shows it works. the evidence shows that education is what is a bigger deterrent. >> they believe prop 35 of sex trafficking is too broad. >> we think it's anti-prostitution piece of legislation under the guise of rescuing victims. >> the aclu is against them because it requires all sex offenders to register online screen names with law enforcement. they say it infringes on right to free speech. other opponents says it doesn't do enough to help victims. >> we think traffick victims shouldn't be arrested for prostitution first to be identified as victims. >> lea was one of those victims but she is supporting prop 35 and reconciled with her mother who posed for this photo. >> the look on her face, yeah, it's been a long time coming. >> dan: lea was rescued by church outreach workers. she has founded her own organization. we have links to that group and both sides of the debate if you would like to learn more at ♪ [ slurps ] aah! oh! oh!
the royal guard of buckingham palace as he called them nut cracker. well educated. this is tribute to prince harry. that looked like a harry in vegas move. little love cracker dude. and they will return to a hero's welcome. back with the championship trophy. we had this live at 4:00. bus caravan arrives at at&t park and they were greeted by fans. you saw panda with the trophy celebrating the second championship in three years. some have not slept in a wall. >> it's special. it's tough to describe. it's hard to fathom right now, but i'm grateful and humbled to be part of major league baseball and a group of guys, journey was very special. we shared it with the fans and we shared it with each other. it was great. >> the season is so long and be done and overcome so much adversity and end result, it's a great feeling. >> i can't say if i had more fun than this year with a group of unselfish guys. >>> and steven drew's contract he would have earned $10 million for up coming season. they acquired him with a trade back in august. in golf, tiger woods and mcllroy they squared off in central china.
will give the bulk to educational foundation. his foundation has donated $175 million to the university of southern california. he is also a major contributor to make a wish foundation and stand up to cancer. >> the producer behind the newsroom is developing a tv show about oakland city hall. the show is called city hall and it's said to be a political drama following the mayor and her young staff ears these take on the political establishment. officials are still deciding whether to cooperate with the producers of city hall. we spoke with a city councilwoman who is not sure this is what oakland needs right now. >> its pretty serious issue to deal with here in oakland. i think it's important that people take their elected representatives seriously. >> dan: when pressed who she would like to play her, she play any suggested gina davis and margaret cheryl could handle the jean quan and the rock could play howard jordan. we'll see. >> and california surfer >> dan: this is what we like to call little friday. weekend is almost here. >> and time lapse view from the high definition mount tam c
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3